At the University of Florida, gynecologic cancer is managed with a team approach involving close interaction between a gynecologic surgical oncologist and a radiation oncologist who specializes in radiation therapy for gynecologic cancer. Before a treatment plan is recommended, most cases are discussed at a conference by a group of medical specialists with expertise in the diagnosis and management of gynecologic cancer. This type of conference is called a <em>multidisciplinary tumor board</em>. The gynecologic tumor board includes a gynecologic surgical oncologist, a gynecologic radiation oncologist, a specialist in pelvic and abdominal imaging from diagnostic radiology, a gynecologic pathologist, a nurse oncology specialist, and a social worker. Sometimes the patient is asked to come to the clinic while the tumor board is discussing her case so that some of the experts on the tumor board can speak to or examine her if this helps to determine the best treatment approach.


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