Administrative Staff

Leslie McElvey, MS

Director of Health Care Administration

Ms. McElvey is responsible for the overall management of the administrative and financial affairs of the UF College of Medicine’s Department of Radiation Oncology.  She plans, implements, directs, and evaluates the fiscal and human resource activities of the department. Ms. McElvey is also responsible for ensuring that the department functions in accordance with all university, state, and federal rules and regulations with regards to financial activities.


Phone: (352) 265-7851


Ebony Walker

Administrative Specialist, HR

Ms. Walker is responsible for performing high level duties for the administrative director, administrative manager, and director of health care administration in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She processes all personnel transactions for the department and provides administrative support to the leadership team. Ms. Walker serves as the personnel officer for the department and processes and coordinates all UF payroll services as well as manages the personnel timekeeping system and records for UF employees. Ms. Walker is also the travel coordinator for all department staff.


Phone: (352) 265-8158


Liz (Mary) Cole


Ms. Cole provides direct accounting support for the chair and administrative director of the Department of Radiation Oncology, including accounts payable functions, purchasing, account reconciliations, and expenditure and revenue analysis.


Phone: (352) 265-8330


Tim Moody

Research Administrator

Mr. Moody coordinates the administration of assigned contracts and grants awarded to the Department of Radiation Oncology from inception to closing to assure compliance with the terms and conditions of the respective agreements. He is responsible for coordinating with the Principal Investigators to ensure all pertinent rules and regulations are followed and awarded funds are spent in a fiscally responsible fashion.


Phone: (352) 265-8096


Nora Martin

Residency/Fellowship Program Coordinator

Ms. Martin oversees the administrative operations for medical education programs in the Radiation Oncology Department. She works in conjunction with the ACGME to assure residency programs are compliant with all regulations and assists the program director with program summary reports, evaluations, and WebAds reporting.


Phone: (352) 265-8726


Diane Gebhardt

Administrative Support Assistant for Dr. Okunieff (Dept. Chair)

Ms. Gebhardt assists Dr. Paul Okunieff, the department chair, with the overall management and operation of his office by performing a variety of administrative and support duties that require an extensive working knowledge of the University of Florida and College of Medicine.


Phone: (352) 265-8248


Sylvia Hoover

Administrative Support Assistant for Dr. William Mendenhall, the Medical Physics Group, and faculty travel

Ms. Hoover schedules and coordinates all travel arrangements and necessary travel authorizations and reimbursement for all department faculty. She also provides administrative support for Dr. William Mendenhall and the physics faculty.


Phone: (352) 265-8723


Kourtney Mitchum

Clinical Service Representative Supervisor

Ms. Mitchum provides leadership, expert guidance, and oversight for Radiation Oncology patient scheduling. She serves as the department expert in handling patient referrals and phone calls, scheduling appointments, scheduling ancillary tests, and assisting with patient flow.


Phone: (352) 265-7859


Stephanie Hersey

Clinical Service Representative

Ms. Sealey is responsible for scheduling Radiation Oncology patient appointments and resolving patient issues, including securing records and test results and coordinating scheduled appointments.


Phone: (352) 265-8725


Mandy Rich

Clinical Service Representative

Ms. Suggs is responsible for scheduling Radiation Oncology patient appointments and resolving patient issues, including securing records and test results and coordinating scheduled appointments.


Phone: (352) 265-0287



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Nationally ranked in 6 adult specialties and 6 pediatric specialties and rated high performing in 4 adult specialties and 5 procedures and conditions.