Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Please complete the form below and submit electronically. Also, remember to provide paper copies of all appropriate receipts WITHIN 5 DAYS AFTER TRAVEL so that your travel reimbursement voucher may be prepared. You may be reimbursed single occupancy hotel rate plus tax if applicable, $.445 per mile or airfare round trip coach, limo, parking and allowable meals at the rate of $6.00 breakfast, $11.00 lunch, and $19.00 dinner dependent upon times of travel or GSA rates based on city or per diem rate of $80.00 per day. Meals provided by the program will not be reimbursed. YOU MUST SUBMIT ORIGINAL RECEIPTS FOR PARKING, TAXI OR LIMO AND YOUR HOTEL BILL SHOWING A ZERO BALANCE FOR SINGLE OCCUPANCY RATE. Otherwise reimbursement will be delayed or limited. PLEASE NOTE: WHILE YOU CAN and SHOULD SUBMIT THIS FORM ONLINE YOU MUST STILL PROVIDE RECEIPTS AND OTHER BACKUP, THEREFORE IT IS SUGGESTED YOU PRINT THIS FORM AND ATTACH RECEIPTS AND GIVE THE PAPER COPY TO THE APPROPRIATE PARTY.

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  • Please enter total costs of tolls paid.
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  • Please enter total cost of registration. Be sure to provide a hard copy of your original receipt and a conference schedule (if applicable).
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