External-Beam Radiation Therapy

At the University of Florida Shands Cancer Center, a variety of machines provide patients with external-beam radiation therapy. External beam therapy is a common technique used to treat malignant tumors or benign lesions through the delivery of high doses of x-rays or electrons.

A linear accelerator is a device that generates high-energy x-rays and electrons for cancer treatment.  The high-energy x-ray beams penetrate deep into the body and spare more superficial tissues, whereas electrons penetrate only superficially and spare deeper structures.  X-rays and electrons of different energies allow the radiation oncologist to customize the treatment according to a patient’s specific needs.  The linear accelerator is capable of rotating around a patient lying on a treatment couch, treating the tumor from several angles.  This allows the delivery of high doses of radiation to the tumor while reducing the dose to the normal surrounding tissues.

Along with an Xstrahl 300 Superficial Unit (for superficial lesions), the following linear accelerators are used by Radiation Oncology at the University of Florida:

The Elekta Precise Linear Accelerator

Offers the speed, accuracy and resolution necessary for advanced applications such as IMRT.

Precise Linear Accelerator

Elekta Synergy Linear Accelerators

With three accelerators, UF supports individualized patient care using a range of techniques, such as 3D conformal, static and dynamic IMRT, and VMAT.

Elekta Synergy

The Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator

More treatment options are available to patients when any SRS or SBRT treatment can also be delivered in a conventional RT time slot.

Elekta Versa HD

The Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator

The Trilogy system offers advanced motion management capabilities and administers high dose rates, resulting in shorter sessions and faster patient treatment times.

Varian Trilogy Linear

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