Visiting Residents Program

Requirements for Visiting Residents

The visiting resident must be a resident in good standing at an institution that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). In addition he or she must have the permission of his or her program director to participate in a rotation outside of the institution in which they are employed. A letter of introduction from the program director stating the type of rotation, and when the visiting resident is interested in rotating through our program, is welcome so that we may prepare.

A visiting resident must be covered by malpractice and personal health insurance during the rotation period. Insurance cannot by obtained in Gainesville and, if it is not provided by the visiting resident’s institution, proof that insurance has been obtained must be presented upon arrival.

Rotations last anywhere from four to eight weeks, the norm being four weeks, and rotations are usually available throughout the year. Residents should bring white laboratory coats.

ID Badge: Residents will need to acquire UF ID badges upon arrival. The Program Coordinator will have paperwork ready, and a driver’s license will be needed at the photo session. If you have a digital headshot, please send it to the Program Coordinator.

Residents will need to ensure that any required paperwork for the rotation, whether for observation only or clinical privileges, are done in a timely manner. Information needed by the Program Coordinator includes: Personal- SSN, DOB, Address, and Daytime Phone Number. Program – Name of Program, Program Director & Coordinator, and Program Phone Number and Address.

For Observation Only

  • Request for observation form
  • Completion of HIPAA for Vistors and Vendors
  • Signed confidentiality and security agreement.

For Clinical Privileges (*forms can be reviewed at this weblink:

  1. * Unlicensed physician (Gainesville) form (has to be done a minimum of 4-6 months before rotation)
  2. * HR 50 (4-in-1 form) – section 1 only
  3. * Form 270 (biographical information sheet)
  4. HIPAA for Vistors and Vendors
  5. Confidentiality and security agreement (at the above link, left side of webpage)
  6. Agreement for rotation of an external institutions’ resident or fellow at the UF College of Medicine
  1. Copy of medical school diploma
  2. Copy of SSN card
  3. UF Health Training Information

Program Director

Anamaria R. Yeung, MD
Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Florida College of Medicine
P.O.Box 100385
Gainesville, FL 32610

Program Coordinator

Nora Martin
Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Florida College of Medicine
P.O.Box 100385
Gainesville, FL 32610
(352) 265-8726


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