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Enterade on GTN

University of Florida professors are making history with a drink designed especially for cancer patients. GTN’s Laura Christmas shows us this innovation in patient care.

Word on Prostate Cancer

This video was produced by the University of Florida in partnership with the Alachua County area to spread the word about the importance of prostate health for black men regardless of ethnicity or country of birth. Hear from experts on prevention and early…

Stephen Marsh wins Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship

Congratulations to Stephen Marsh, a researcher in Dr. Swarts lab, for winning the Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship for the Gordon Research Conference on Radiation Chemistry for the abstract “Ex Vivo EPR nail biodosimetry: Removal of the mechanically-induced signal from nail clippings through treatment with mercaptoethanol.” More info on the award…

Couple Funds Lectureship Program In Radiation Oncology

When radiation oncologist Doug Fein, M.D., was a resident at UF, he enjoyed meeting with world-renowned guest lecturers who visited the university. Now, he and his wife, Debbie Fein, M.D., a radiologist, are funding the Amdur/Mendenhall Radiation Oncology Lectureship so current residents can have the same chance.

Targeting tumors may help stop spread of breast, other cancers

Cancer that has spread from the site of an original tumor to other places in the body is often viewed as a death sentence. But if there are just a few of those secondary tumors, called metastases, some patients have a good chance of survival if treated with a type…

Ranked Among Top 35

Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL is ranked among top 35 in US News & World Report Ranking Best Hospitals……

UFSCC Small Cell Lung Cancer Research Grant Awardees

Small Cell Lung Cancer is an aggressive subtype of lung cancer that exhibits a unique clinical, pathological, and biological phenotype. This funding opportunity, made available through a generous philanthropic donation to the UF Shands Cancer Center, recognizes that the study of neuroendocrine small cell lung cancer is underrepresented in…


U.S. News and World Report

Nationally ranked in 6 adult specialties and 6 pediatric specialties and rated high performing in 4 adult specialties and 5 procedures and conditions.