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Milestone 50th Research Seminar

Celebrating 50 Years of Research and Residency Education

The 50th UF Radiation Oncology Research Seminar took place February 21-22, 2020, at the Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel & Conference Center, Gainesville, FL. The event also marked the 50th anniversary of the UF Radiation Oncology Residency Program and included a special celebration at the University of Florida’s Harn Museum of Art for some 100 alumni and friends of the department. “We were proud to commemorate 50 years of reporting data-driven research that has served as a foundation for innovation within our department and improved outcomes for radiotherapy patients worldwide,” said William M. Mendenhall, MD, Professor of Radiation Oncology and Seminar Coordinator. Read more about our milestone seminar here.

Caring for Patients During COVID-19

Caring for Patients During COVID-19


The UF Department of Radiation Oncology, Gainesville, continues to treat 60 - 80 patients per day while sustaining our volume of consultation services through both in-clinic and TeleHealth videoconferencing encounters. "Providing safe and efficient cancer treatment with external beam radiation therapy is increasingly critical for both the cure and palliation of cancer, as capabilities to perform major surgical procedures are limited and traditional chemotherapy treatment carries the risk of immune suppression," said Robert A. Zlotecki, MD, PhD, Professor, Medical Director, and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs.

"The department and the speciality continues to adapt and advance the delivery of radiotherapy care for our patients with optimization of treatment sequencing and dose fractionation schedules. Special attention is being made to our patients with prostate and breast cancer - two of the most common cancers in America and Florida - as well as to those disease sites where combined modality therapies for cure and control of cancer is optimized."

UFHPTI - Jacksonville

"We are continuing radiation therapy for our patients, including proton therapy, IMRT and SBRT, with extra measures in place to ensure [patient] well-being," said Stuart L. Klein, Executive Director of the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute (UFHPTI). "We are in regular contact with public health officials and University of Florida Health experts on the latest information and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for reducing the risk of infection. It is our goal to share information and changes that we make as conditions develop and we adapt to protect patients and staff." Read more news from UFHPTI in their online Precision Newsletter.

UF Health COVID-19 Resources

For cancer-relevant COVID-19 articles, blogs and webinars featuring UF Health Cancer Center members as well as professional development resources for physicians and researchers, visit the UF Health Cancer Center online.

Faculty and Staff Department News

Robert Amdur, MD, Retires as Residency Program Director

Paul Okunieff, MD, Chair, announced February 22 that Robert Amdur, MD (shown left with Anamaria R. Yeung, MD), Radiation Oncology Professor and Rodney R. Million Professor of Radiation Oncology, has retired as the department’s Residency Program Director. Anamaria R. Yeung, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, assumed the role of Residency Program Director on January 31. Dr. Amdur will continue to serve as a Radiation Oncology professor and physician, and will also act as a mentor to students of all levels. “It is an honor to have the opportunity to reflect on the career of Bob Amdur as we continue to celebrate our residency program’s 50th anniversary, given his superb leadership as its Director for nearly 20 years and his unwavering dedication to its mission and success,” said Dr. Okunieff. “These years have been distinguished by Bob’s extraordinary, integrated approach to research and education and great warmth and integrity as a physician and colleague, and we look forward to the exceptional leadership that Dr. Yeung will bring to the program in the future.” Read more.

Bill Mendenhall, MD, to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Beloved Radiation Oncology Professor William Mendenhall, MD, has been selected to receive the 2020 UF College of Medicine Faculty Council Lifetime Achievement Award and will be honored later this month during a virtual award ceremony with Dean Tyndall. The award recognizes the College’s most outstanding, active peers for providing extraordinary service and expanding UF’s national reputation in their respective professions. It is aimed at faculty who have been at UF for at least ten years and many past recipients have devoted over 20 years to the College. Read the full article here.

ASTRO Names New Practical Radiation Oncology Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Amdur was recognized by The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) on January 15, 2020, when the society announced that he will become the new Editor-in-Chief of Practical Radiation Oncology, ASTRO’s prestigious clinical practice journal. He will begin his five-year term on January 1, 2021- learn more about his appointment here.

Women Who Make a Difference: Nancy Mendenhall, MD

Nancy Mendenhall MD, FASTRO, Associate Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology and Medical Director, UF Health Proton Therapy Institute, was recently recognized by the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council for their Women Who Make a Difference award. The award recognizes the influential women in the Gainesville area who positively impact and support their community. Dr. Mendenhall will be honored during a ceremony this June.

UF Radiation Oncology Research

The International Journal or Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics named UF Radiation Oncology residents the second-most published residents of any US radiation oncology residency program. This high level of engagement in research remains one of the most important goals of our department. To learn more about clinical studies, visit our Clinical Studies pages. To browse our collection of published research by UF Radiation Oncologists, visit our NCBI bibliography.

Make a Difference for Future UF Alumni

Opportunities for supporting the Department of Radiation Oncology are many; in doing so you will continue to strengthen one of the best academic radiation oncology programs in the country. We invite you to become a part of our life-changing work by assisting research efforts, providing cutting-edge equipment, or giving to the fund of your choice. Seed Grants, Professorships, Continuing Education and Scholarships are the building blocks of radiation oncology research and education at UF. Your involvement will help our students excel, our researchers break new ground in the treatment of disease, and our faculty and alumni to continue providing extraordinary care and service. To find out more, visit our partnership page, or contact Diane Gebhardt, 352-265-8470, dgebhard@ufl.edu.

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