Major Component of Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment System Delivered to UF Radiation Oncology

Elekta Unity installation underwayA main component of a groundbreaking cancer treatment system was delivered this weekend to UF Health’s Department of Radiation Oncology. 

The gantry and magnet, or MRI unit, for the Elekta Unity MR-Linac, which weighs approximately 5.75 tons, was transported by truck and carefully lowered by crane into the Radiation Oncology clinic at the Davis Cancer Pavilion, Gainesville. Installation is immediately underway, with gantry assembly followed by MRI placement and hardwire to UF Health systems. The department expects to begin treating patients with the Elekta Unity this July.

The Elekta system delivers personalized radiotherapy by integrating MR imaging, linear accelerator technologies, and advanced treatment planning into a single platform, allowing the UF Radiation Oncology team to see and track difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies while radiation dose is being delivered. The device enables new therapeutic options for hard-to-treat cancers with anatomies that require highfield imaging to effectively differentiate the tumor from adjacent healthy tissue, or organs-at-risk.

“Today’s delivery represents a rapid investment by UF in research and development of programs addressing the most challenging malignancies,” said Robert Zlotecki, MD, PhD, UF Radiation Oncology Professor, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, and Medical Director. “We are transforming our approach to cancers of the pancreas and liver; genitourinary, gastrointestinal and gynecological systems; as well as the ablation of oligometistatic tumor recurrences and SBRT ablation of early metastatic lesions.”

Most of the Unity is transported via ocean freight, while the magnet can be shipped by plane and trucked to the site of installation. The final installation of the Unity is generally conducted in six phases due to the size and weight of each section.


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