New Elekta Linear Accelerator Welcomes First Patients at UF

Radiation Oncology's new addition! Our Elekta Linear AcceleratorUF Radiation Oncology welcomed a new addition to its state-of-the-art team this month: an Elekta Linear Accelerator focusing on greater accuracy and precision for our patients.

Radiation Therapists Yadi Castillo, Helen McGee, and Chad Lowe (right) expertly guide the Linac 6’s advanced technology, which also allows the Radiation Oncology team to enhance short-course radiotherapy treatment programs, such as in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and RadioSurgery.

Integrated into the Linac 6 is a surface imaging system offering real-time motion management, greatly increasing the safety of radiotherapy delivery to exacting treatment sites, such as the breast and prostate gland.

The department operates four Elekta linacs (two Elekta Versa HDTM and two Elekta Synergy) at the Davis Cancer Pavilion location and one Varian Trilogy at the main UF Shands Hospital. All linacs are equipped with multileaf collimators capable of delivering 3D conformal, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), or volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) treatment. All linacs are also equipped with gantry-mounted cone-beam CT (CBCT) systems (Elekta xvi or Varian OBI) for patient positioning verification.

In addition to most of the conventional treatment techniques, some UF linacs are also commissioned to perform special treatment techniques. Read more about total skin electron therapy (TSET), total body irradiation (TBI), Prone breast irradiation, and prostate treatment with SpaceOAR in our Technologies and Resources section.


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