‘Does Cancer Care Inspire Great Writing?’

Dr. Kate HitchcockTo answer this question, WebMD’s news outlet MedScape recently pointed to an article by Assistant Professor Kathryn E. Hitchcock, MD, PhD (right) entitled “Knuckles.” Dr. Hitchcock’s timely and thoughtful essay, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO), looks at bias and tolerance through the lens of the physician-patient relationship. Read it online here.

JCO‘s Cancer Stories: The Art of Oncology podcast series consists of author interviews and professional readings of the section’s content. The series provides authors with the opportunity to comment on their work, offers better accessibility for readers, and stimulates more conversations.

The series also includes interviews with pioneers of the field of oncology, reporting on insights into the scientific basis for the evolution of cancer care as well as the courage, vision, and ability to overcome logistical barriers to make the advances that we now take for granted.

Recently, JCO interviewed Dr. Hitchcock about “Knuckles” for its Cancer Stories podcast series – listen to the interview here.


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