Dr. Vidyasagar Receives the UF Innovate Invention of the Year Award

 UF Innovate Invention of the Year awardAssociate Professor Sadasivan Vidyasagar, MBBS, PhD, and his industrial collaborator, Stephen Gatto, CEO of Entrinsic Bioscience, Inc., were honored on September 22 with a UF Innovate Invention of the Year award during UF Innovate | Tech Licensing’s Standing InnOvation virtual event.

The team was recognized for the development of a potential therapeutic intervention for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) associated with COVID-19 infection. The treatment formulation, which was tested in Dr. Vidyasagar’s lab using cultured lung tissues, includes a few select amino acids that affect key channel proteins, promote fluid absorption, and decrease the fluid-accumulation caused lung inflammation.

“We wanted to see whether we can adapt the things that we learned in oncology for use in pulmonary medicine,” Dr. Vidyasagar said, “and, fortunately, it is working.”


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